PUSH empowers athletes by providing a way to track workouts and visualize results. Our team has worked tirelessly for the last year to bring the fitness realm a wearable device that generates real metrics. No imaginary points or arbitrary scores, just actual data that will help make you stronger, improve your form and reduce the risk of injury. We are constantly striving to improve our product with your needs in mind and find innovative ways to make your fitness routine increasingly productive and more fun.

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CEO, co-founder

Rami Alhamad acts as the team coordinator and mentor. A Waterloo graduate in Mechatronics, Rami brings a strong work ethic and balance to the team. A natural leader, Rami has his finger on the pulse of all aspects of the operation including recruitment, engineering, marketing and content creation. Along with his passion for developing hardware and writing code, Rami enjoys spending time at the gym and kicking around a soccer ball when he is not in the office.

Chief Design Officer, co-founder

After completing his first degree in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University, Mike then attained his masters in Biomedical Engineering (also at Dalhousie). After several years of experience in biomedical engineering industry, Mike returned to academia to study Industrial Design at OCAD University to add a creative, user-centric approach to his “problem-solving tool belt”. Mike acts as both an engineer and industrial designer for PUSH. During his spare time Mike dominates the squash courts and his main form of transportation in the city is his trusty road bike.

CTO, co-founder

Suresh is a Mechatronics graduate from Waterloo and studied Embedded Systems and Medical Imaging at INSA in Lyon, France. Having recently returned from England, brings with him technical expertise and experience from the healthcare sector. Suresh has a wealth of worldly and academic knowledge and is a crucial member of the team’s development and programming department. On weekends, you can often find him scaling the side of a mountain, working on his rock climbing skills and fitness.

Lead Developer

As a recent graduate from University of Toronto's Computer Science program, Jason knows his way around code. Jason is a key component to the team, building the PUSH mobile app and website from scratch. His polite and quiet manner balances our often loud and eclectic team, allowing for more productivity and stern faces.

Marketing & Research Analyst

Jill-of-all-trades, Sam brings a light-heartedness to the office. She is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University in Sociology and Health Studies, and is starting her second degree in Kinesiology in the fall. Sam spends her winters coaching ski racing and her summers road biking and enjoying the great outdoors. Her interests in health and fitness, along with her bubble personality, bring a new twist to the team.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Chang is the UX/ UI Designer for PUSH. He completed his undergraduate degree at OCAD in Industrial and Graphic Design, and previously worked with world renowned companies such as Four Seasons and Yabu Pushelberg under the Newinc design firm. Chang has several hobbies he is passionate about beyond design; including cooking, photography, and vintage cars. His creativity, skills, and determination are absolutely invaluable to PUSH.

Lead Sport Scientist

Matt is our Lead Sports Scientist. He completed his MSc in Strength & Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 and has been working with athletes at every level. Competing at the national and international tennis stage for a number of years, Matt brings a competitive fire to the PUSH team. He knows how difficult quantifying training can be for both athletes and coaches as he helps PUSH eliminate the guesswork from training.